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Upon completion of the model range - truck oldies - by Revell of Germany I've done my own research in this interesting matter. Helmut Hoffmann, located in Oberhausen / Germany is the owner of this perfectly restored Mercedes-Benz L 6600. On several weekends I've measured the whole truck and took lots of photos. Then I've made a complete new drawing of this truck - oldie in scale 1/24th. Scroll down and you will see the drawing.

If you want you can build your own model of this nice truck in scale 1/24th. It's a scratch build project for modellers with a lot of experience. But you can use some parts of the existing kits Büssing 8000 or Krupp Titan, so like tires, rims, the platform and canvas cover.


Made in 2001 - Copyright by Klaus Lassen 


Photos of the MB L 6600 you will find here: Click



Click on the PDF-Logo and the drawing will downloaded on your computer. And when you send the drawing as PDF-file to a copyshop you get it as print in exact scale 1/24th.

Pictures and Drawings - Copyright by Klaus Lassen


Mercedes-Benz L6600